Situated on the corner of Front and Union with nothing but a parking lot separating its sidewalk tables from a view of the bay, Cafe destijl is a wonderful place to meet your friend for lunch on a sunny weekday. The cafe is owned and designed by an architect, it's situated nearby many advert and design firms, and it's named after a Dutch art movement -- so you can imagine style is not lacking here.

Lovely variety of different eats, from salads to panini to full on hot entrees and certainly not lacking in coffee skills. I drink no coffee, only black tea and milk, and they done right up and steamed my milk for me. What a treat! They also served us complimentary cups of soup b/c the entree came a little late (which I didn't even think it did) -- but how's that for customer service?

What I love most is the location - that it's removed from the hustle and bustle and people are sitting enjoying their conversations with each other. No one is looking at their watches as if their one hour is ticking by. People here are in charge of their own time, and I can totally relate.
No really, I'm in love. This place is great. A hidden gem if you will. I have lunch here every now and then and you get so much food. You get veggies, salad, and a huge sandwich for all under $10--well worth the price. The food is so fresh and delicious. My only gripe thus far is that they don't have wine glasses for the wine. If they get wine glasses, I'll give them 5 stars.